So by now I'm sure you've heard the special remix that Jemere Morgan made of his hit track Neighborhood Girl for Island 985.  Let me give you a little history on the nature of this special track aka dubplate aka dubplate special.  Dubs are a huge part of dancehall/reggae culture.  Dubplates are exclusive remixes or re-records made by a reggae artist for a reggae dj or sound system (or in this case the radio station.)

Dubs are primarily used during sound clashes where rival sound systems compete with each other to create the most unique and exclusive set.  Sometimes dubs are made with specific lyrics referring to the weaknesses of the opposing sound system. In my case, I use dubs when I'm playing in public or on the radio to make my dj sets stand out from others.  One of my favorite dubs is my Shaggy Mrs Boombastic dub or my Alaine Aloha Is All I Bring dub.

I just posted my newest dub from Jemere Morgan on my soundcloud, check it out: