Woman Who Thought Her Ex-Boyfriend Had Died Bumps Into Him At A Restaurant

Plenty of people in relationships have been ghosted, but what happened to an Australian woman named Rachel gives a whole new meaning to the term. Rachel told ABC.net.au how was a server at a pub a few years ago and started dating the chef there. Things were going well until he broke his hand in a fight. He borrowed $1,000 from her since he couldn't work and needed the money. They wound up not being right for each other so she broke up with him soon after, though at the time, he'd only given her $300 back. Then, after their break-up, he disappeared not just from her life, but the lives of his friends, who just happened to have also lent him hundreds of dollars.

They were all told he was in rehab, but that story quickly fell apart. Later, a mutual friend let Rachel know that her ex had died. His mom was telling friends that he had been killed after taking money from a biker gang. Even though they had broken up, the news still hit Rachel hard and she grieved his passing.

Two years later, Rachel was at a restaurant when she learned her ex's brother worked there. She let her server know she'd love to say hi to him and was told that he wasn't in, but his brother, who had the same name as Rachel's ex, was. She said, "I just went into shock." When she asked to see her ex, instead, a manager went to their table and asked them to leave. She called the restaurant and again asked to speak to her ex but they said no one with that name worked there. She called the police but they couldn't do anything. Her ex's mom even texted her to say that "scene" she caused cost her son (her ex's brother) his job.

Rachel moved on but after another two years, she ran into her ex at a different restaurant. She explained, "We made eye contact, and you could see he recognized me. I was like, 'Long time no see!' And he went, 'Oh yeah, it has been a long time.'" She started asking him questions about her money but he just pretended to have no idea who she was. She still doesn't know why he faked his own death.

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