WATCH: Bridezilla Ambushes Fiance As He Works At Target, Demands He Wed Her

When a couple gets engaged, it is one of the biggest moments of their lives, but sometimes, that moment can sour if the trigger isn't pulled quickly enough and the engagement drags on. That's what happened to one woman in Las Vegas, so she took matters into her own hands. Tired of waiting for her fiance to wed her, she put on a wedding dress, grabbed her friend Emily, found a pastor and marched over to hunt down her man at his job at Target.

She found him stocking the Halloween shelves and confronted him, demanding that he marry her on the spot or she'd break up with him.

The whole thing was caught on camera by TikTok user @boymom_ashley, who posted two videos of the wannabe-bride. In the first clip, the woman is literally walking down the aisle as she seeks out her unsuspecting fiance. In the second clip, she finds him and loudly declares, "You put this ring on my finger two years ago and it's time to do it or get out."

Embarrassed, her fiance asks if they can take the conversation outside, which they do. As he passes by @boymom_ashley's camera, he can be heard muttering, "Could someone have told me about this."

Chances are though that this is not real. It doesn't take much to make someone appear like they work at Target, just some khaki pants and a red polo. The fiance doesn't have a walkie talkie like most Target employees carry, nor is he wearing any name tag. Additionally there is a camera guy following the action and really, would any bride want something like this to be her wedding day?

No word on what happened after the video ended.

Photo: Getty Images

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