Influencer Is Shamed For Naming Child After 'Bodily Function,' Hits Back

While many parents choose a name for their baby that is mainstream, others attempt to find a more unique one that will set their child apart. Well one influencer did just that, and while it's causing her kid to stand out, most of the feedback the mom has been getting has been negative. However, she is fighting back and not listening to what the trolls have to say about the name she chose for her daughter.

The influencer's name is Abbie Herbert and when she shared with her 10 million followers that she named her daughter Poppy, she was flooded with people saying how they hated the name. Not one to succumb to haters, Abbie ignored them and later went on to reveal the nickname she uses for Poppy: Poot.

According to Abbie, the comments on that were "brutal." She stated on YouTube, "They were so mean. They thought her name was Poot, like I really named her Poot." Among them were things like, "Poot sounds like a fart," and, "Can you please put in some thought about these names you all are giving? What if they get bullied for these names?" and, "Just say, 'I want my kid to have the worst childhood in school' and be done."

In response, Abbie decided to troll the trolls with a TikTok video where the message to her haters is pretty clear. To make the clip even more exciting, she writes in it, "Just wait for baby #2 name."

She posted another video showing herself gearing up for any bully who dare make fun of her daughter over her name.

You can stay up to date with Abbie and Poot here.

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