Erick and Flossie Continue Weakening, Still Expected to Bring Heavy Rain

Hurricane Erick and Flossie continue to head towards Hawaii, but both have once again weakened from the previous report at 11AM today.

Hurricane Erick: Erick is now fewer than 500 miles SE of Hilo and 690 miles SE of Honolulu. Erick is moving to the west at 14 miles per hour. Erick's sustained winds at its core have now dropped to 105 miles per hour, making it a Category 2 hurricane. Further weakening is now forecast throughout the next 48 hours, taking Erick down to a tropical storm perhaps as little as 24 hours from now. Erick's track is still forecast to run to the south of the Hawaiian Islands.

Moisture associated with Erick will spread over the Hawaiian Islands by Thursday afternoon and produce heavy rainfall. Rainfall is expected to be heaviest over the east and southeast slopes of the Big Island of Hawaii. Swells generated by Erick will arrive in the Hawaiian Islands tonight through Thursday night, potentially producing dangerous surf conditions, mainly along east facing shores.

Tropical Storm Flossie: Flossie further weakened as a tropical storm, with sustained winds down to 65 miles per hour as of 5PM. Flossie is now 1775 miles SE of Hilo and moving at 16 miles per hour to the west. Flossie may strengthen again into a hurricane by the end of the weak. At its current pace and forecast track, the center of Flossie is forecast to be just northeast of the Big Island by Monday afternoon as a strong tropical storm. Flossie remains a threat to generate dangerous surf and heavy rains on the Big Island and throughout the other Hawaiian islands.

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