Gender Reveal Party Goes Horribly Wrong As Car Bursts Into Flames

Authorities in Australia are warning of the dangers of a popular new trend for gender reveal parties. The so-called gender-reveal burnouts involve placing a pink or blue powder in the tailpipe of your car and then accelerating down the road, leaving a trail of colored smoke behind you. You can also attach packets of the powder to your tires or lay them on the street to get a similar effect.

While the smoke effect may look cool, it is a fire hazard, as a video released by Queensland Police Service shows. The video, which was recorded by a drone, depicts a black car speeding down the road as it is engulfed in blue smoke. Once the vehicle comes to a stop, it bursts into flames and the passengers quickly exit the car.

Luckily, nobody was injured as a result of the fire. The 29-year-old driver was convicted of dangerous operation of a motor vehicle for the stunt.

Officials say that they have had to respond to multiple vehicle fires as a result of the eye-catching gender reveals. They hope that by releasing the video, people will think twice when they plan their gender reveal party and choose a safer option.

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