Cops Posing As Construction Workers To Nab Texting Drivers

Police officers in Georgia have been going undercover as construction workers in an effort to crackdown on distracted drivers. Troopers from the state police and local police departments are enforcing the "Hands-Free Georgia Act" which passed last year. Under the law, drivers are barred from holding their phone for any purpose while driving.

"They're looking for direct violations," Sydney Melton of the Cobb County Police Department told Fox 5 Atlanta. "So, this can be someone texting on their phone, (they've) encountered people playing on social media, on email."

If an undercover officer sees a person holding their phone, they radio a police officer waiting ahead who will conduct a traffic stop. Drivers are given a $50 fine and one point on their license for a first offense.

Officers from Marietta and Cobb County wrote 141 tickets and made three arrests while Georgia state troopers wrote 29 tickets in just a few hours on the road. Authorities warned drivers who use their phones that they have more undercover operations planned in the future.